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Sexy truth about 6 packs

Size matters – in the ab department at least. Girls swoon for those with a lean midsection but maybe not for the reasons you think. Before you jump to the conclusion that the female desire is all about looks, get the sexy truth about abs and why you should never miss a crunch session.


A carnal part of being human is our urge to reproduce. Our breed has been studied inside and out (literally) on what drives our lustral desires and to scientifically understand what attracts people to other people. In the risk of sounding utterly vain, looks do have something to do with it.

For centuries we have known that men are attracted to women for their mating abilities. Basic principles tell us that pheromones play a part, hip to waist ratio can be an indicator and age related features such as bone structure come into play. Low and behold, those same principles are somewhat true in regards to women being attracted to men. “According to evolutionary theory, the android body shape with greater musculature on the upper body and a narrow pelvis with little waist is associated with higher testosterone and good health.”(1) This theory would coincide with the medical measurement of hip to waist ratio. Men with higher amounts of abdominal fat are known to have a higher risk of health issues such as; heart disease, diabetes, erectile dysfunction issues, and higher blood pressure. In terms of procreating, it’s safe to say the healthier choice is the better choice.

In support of the evolutionary theory, a study from Western Illinois University confirmed that women rank abs the sexiest part of the male body. Although the conclusion as to why is pretty vague, you can’t help but to notice that once the shirt comes off, our eyes shift down.

It’s All In Our Heads

Sexual desire starts with our senses and sight can be a leading stimuli. “When the brain receives arousing messages, the cerebral cortex interprets this sensory information and transmits messages through the spinal cord causing an increase in heartbeat and respiration (breathing), which can alter muscle tension (or myotonia), send blood to the genitals, and increase skin sensitivity.”(3) Scientifically speaking, seeing those washboard abs might be the arousing message that takes an evening of fun to one with sparks.

Physiologically speaking, there are many different explanations as to the sexual-response cycle. Whether it be divided into 3 or 4 phases, the commonality to all explanations is the excitement or desire phase mainly lead by a sensory stimuli. That touch, smell or visual image (such as lean abs) catapults our bodies into a physiological response and leads to the desire to be more intimate.

Please Note: Before following exercise routines or changing your fitness regime, please consult a certified fitness professional. Always talk with a medical practitioner before following dietary advice or taking supplements.

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