Does success in the bedroom start in the gym?

Blondes might have more fun, but fit people have better sex. Those 6-pack abs aren’t just easy on the eyes but can lead to a more satisfying experience in the bedroom. Keep these 5 points in mind next time you feel the urge to skip your workout.

1. Better Endurance – Strength – Flexibility: Those who have a solid lifting, core and cardio routine are shown to have better endurance, more strength and increased flexibility. Translate that into the bedroom and you have better stamina, lower chance of injury and increased potential to get creative.

2. Less Stress: Science has proven that working out releases endorphins and neurotransmitters that help fight stress, anxiety and depression. These feel good chemicals translate into a higher libido and overall improved sex life.

3. Higher Self Confidence: Those who take part in getting buff enjoy standing in the buff. Although the clear reason as to how exercise affects self confidence is still being researched, we can’t deny hitting the weight room improves self confidence and feelings of self-worth. That positive mindset helps shed our inhibitions as we shed our clothes.

4. Better circulation: Great sex begins with great circulation. Having better blood flow not only prevents and/or helps erectile dysfunction issues but also leads women to stronger orgasms. An increase in circulation revs up your sympathetic nervous system making you more sensitive to touch and other stimuli. Cardio isn’t the only way to get the blood flowing. Adding lean muscle mass with a consistent lifting and core routine results in increased overall blood flow.

5. Increased Libido: More than just for looks, those weighted ab exercises help to release testosterone and human growth hormone. Strength training is shown to produce higher levels of both, which aide in building muscle but more importantly improving sex drive.

Please Note: Before following exercise routines or changing your fitness regime, please consult a certified fitness professional. Always talk with a medical practitioner before following dietary advice or taking supplements.

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