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Customised moves for surfers

If you want to catch some sick waves, you must train like a pro. Surfing begins and ends with core strength. From the time the board hits the water, surfers are testing their coordination, balance and flexibility. If you have dreams of one day riding that Pipeline, check out our 10 must-do core moves for all surfing pros.

1. Swiss Ball Dumbbell Rotation

Implementing balance, lower back stamina and activating abductors this exercise targets multiple muscle groups to help with rotational strength.

2. Superman

Although you may not be flying through air, the superman is a perfect way to target lower back muscles, glutes and hamstrings.

3. Hollow Holds

Although this exercise is done in a prone position, it targets the total core of abdominal endurance and lower back strength.

4. Standing Rotation Arches with Dumbbell

Dynamic exercises such as this one provides strength in motion. Flexibility and endurance of both hip flexors and extensors are tested here. Can do with a single barbell or with dumbbells.

5. Hip Drops

Testing that rotational strength once again. The plank position adds to the benefit by working on proper posture.

6. Jumping Lunge with Core Twist

Adding a simple twist to a simple exercise can do wonders for your core routine. This basic plyo exercise is great for coordination and balance as well.

7. Overhead Squat

Much different than the squat so start with lighter weight. Having the weight overhead activates back muscles and forces your core to contract to keep with proper form. Think of this move as more of a mobility exercise instead of a strict strength move.

8. Turkish Getup

Full body movement is not only essential to a surfers success but the turkish get up is a the perfect movement of mobility and flexibility. Keeping the lead are straight and overhead activates total core muscles to sustain proper posture through movement.

9. Drop Knee Pivot

A little rehab exercise can do wonders. Adding a little weight or cable pull action helps work on the coordination along with the core, rotational strength.

10. Ball Jack Knife

This is a bit more of an advanced move but can be modified to fit any fitness level. Take it up a notch by replacing the ball with suspension bands.

Please Note: Before following exercise routines or changing your fitness regime, please consult a certified fitness professional. Always talk with a medical practitioner before following dietary advice or taking supplements.

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