30 Day Challenge (Week 2 of 4)

30 Day Challenge - Static Hold Planking

Week Two: Taking it up a notch for week two we bring in static holds such as planks and supermans while adding a weighted move and focus on our hip flexors. Keeping true to proper form, remember the breathing techniques. In exercises such as planks it is easy to forget to breathe. Focusing on steady inhale and exhale cadence helps keep the abdominal muscles engaged and the core tight. Ab moves such as alternating soldier and v-ups focus on hip flexors and upper quads. While many times we expect to feel the burn of abdominal exercises in our abs, you may feel these more in your hips and quads.

Week Two Exercises

Circuit 1: 3 sets

  • Weighted Sit up : 10 reps
  • V up: 15 reps
  • Alternating Soldiers: 10 reps each leg


Circuit 2: 3 sets

  • Plank holds 30 seconds
  • Side Hip drops: 10 reps each side
  • Superman: 10 reps (hold 2 seconds at the top)

Week Two Nutrition

GOAL: Set proper macronutrient goals. Now that you have your new calorie goal we are going to take intake goals one step further. Macronutrients are the big nutrients that we intake; protein, fats and carbs. Manipulating these numbers can make a huge difference in the look of our bodies and our performance. For week two we will be setting macro intake goals to 40% protein, 40% carbs, 20% fat.

HOW: Macro numbers are tracked as grams and carry a different calorie value depending on the macro. Carbs and protein have a value of 4 calories per 1 gram. Fat, however, carries 9 calories per gram. To find out how many grams of each you will need to goal for to hit the 40% protein, 40% carbs and 20% fat you will need to use your new caloric intake number you calculated from week one.

EXAMPLE: Using the calorie goal from week one example: 1309 calories per day.
Calculate Carb calories: 1309 * .40 = 523.6 calories needed from carbs
Calculate Carb grams from Calories: 523.6 calories / 4 = 130 grams carbs per day
*Carbs have 4 calories per gram

Calculate Protein calories: 1309 * .40= 523.6 calories needed from protein
Calculate protein grams from calories: 523.6 / 4 = 130 grams protein per day
*Protein has 4 calories per gram

Calculate Fat calories: 1309 * .20 = 261.8 calories needed from fat
Calculate fat grams from calories: 261.8 / 9 = 29 grams fat per day
*Fat has 9 calories per gram

Week Two Wrap Up

A bit harder than last week and maybe a bit more sore. Adding in those static hold elements can really teach us about our core endurance. Didn’t get to the full 30 seconds of planks or maybe had to modify the v ups during round three? No worries!! Feel free to repeat week two and work up to the full workout.

Be sure to check out the 30 Day Challenge Week 1 and Week 3 exercise routine to maximise your workout potential!

Please Note: Before following exercise routines or changing your fitness regime, please consult a certified fitness professional. Always talk with a medical practitioner before following dietary advice or taking supplements.

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