30 Day Challenge (Week 1 of 4)


Week One: Ready to start! Welcome to your first official week. Basics are key in all core exercises. Knowing the proper breathing techniques will help performance and keep you true to form. All exercises can be performed on a mat or floor, no weight required, but don’t let that fool you. These exercises can challenge the form of any fitness level so utilize week one to focus on proper execution. When performing any core exercise you want to keep your abdominal muscles engaged by squeezing during the motion while exhaling. Inhale during the return to the beginning or neutral position. Many core injuries occur from pulling with auxiliary muscles such as your back and neck. If at any time you feel a strain or pull relax into a neutral position and begin when you feel fully rested.

Week One Exercises

Circuit 1 : 3 sets

  • Crunch: 10 reps
  • Sit up: 10 reps
  • Russian Twist: 10 reps each side


Circuit 2: 3 sets

  • Leg lifts: 10 reps
  • Scissors: 10 reps each side
  • V- ups: 10 reps

Week One Nutrition

GOAL: Find new daily calorie intake. When wanting to shed fat we start by setting our caloric intake goal to a deficit of 15%. Starting with this small restriction keeps us at a healthy intake while seeing how our body will change. Dramatic drops in caloric intake not only damages our metabolism but makes it harder to maintain a lean look.

HOW: Track food intake for 5 days. You can use use apps such as MyfitnessPal or simply journal your intake. Make sure to write down calories, protein, fat, carbs. Our focus for week one is calories but the tracking of our macros (protein, fat, carbs) will be important in upcoming weeks. Take the average of those 5 days and subtract 15%. This is now your new calorie goal.


Calorie intake day 1: 1500

Calorie intake day 2: 1500

Calorie intake day 3: 1600

Calorie intake day 4: 1500

Calorie intake day 5: 1600

Total calorie intake for all 5 days = 7700

Find Average: 7150/ 5 Days = 1540 calories

Find 15% of 1430: = 1430*.15 = 231 calories


Week One & Done

Congratulations on getting through the first week! Core muscle might be a little sore, which is to be expected. Staying hydrated and having a solid stretching routine are great tools to help you recover faster.

Continue to the 30 Day Challenge – Week 2 when you are ready to crank up the heat a bit! If you feel you need to complete another week of these basic moves feel free to repeat week one.

Please Note: Before following exercise routines or changing your fitness regime, please consult a certified fitness professional. Always talk with a medical practitioner before following dietary advice or taking supplements.

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